Design is my purpose.


I never wanted art to be my job. I didn't want to ruin the simple joy of creating something new. But I find being a designer is similar, but completely different. Pursuing my love of art offers total freedom of self-expression while design allows me to be creative while collaborating with others to build solutions.


I think in big pictures and love solving problems. But nothing is more important to me than solving the right problems.  This only happens when we empathize with the humans using a service and collaborate with the humans who run it.  I believe design is a team sport, requiring many diverse perspectives to be successful.


Being a good designer requires endless curiosity. Early in my career I was curious how my designs translated to the web, so I taught myself how to write code. I've spent considerable time building web sites and applications over the years, and understanding the technology behind the scenes helped me become a much stronger designer.

"You can't use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou
Photo of a wrench being used on a nail, and a hammer being used on a hex bolt.

Let’s design frameworks instead of processes

When I make my famous chili, there is a process to follow.  Cars built on assembly lines have processes to follow.  Step-by-step processes make great blog posts because everyone wants to know your secret to success.  Showing your process to others implies they could do it too, which is an easy way to teach.  Having […]

Walden Pond in autumn

UX Design Quote: A Thoreau Analysis

As an art student, they teach you to find instruction and inspiration by studying paintings by the masters. However, I find it difficult to be inspired by other designers simply by looking at screens and graphics they have created. For me, design is about thinking and making and testing. Design is this huge intellectual and […]